Little Big Apocalypse started out as a series of levels in Sony/Media Molecule‘s Little Big Planet. After finishing the twenty-first level, I started to work on an animated finale. Eventually, I realized that just a finale with no explanation of what took place before wouldn’t work as a piece of internet media. So I decided I’d have to animate the entire series.

First though, I created a trailer using the scenes from the finale (which had ballooned to about 35 minutes.) My levels recieved some attention on the Little Big Planet fansite LBPCentral, the owner, ConfusedCartman, featured the trailer on the frontpage. I also posted the trailer on newgrounds and it achieved a decent score.

After a long haitus I finished episode 1, the prologue for the series. Originally it was in the finale, as the sole prologue for the entire series. It did well on newgrounds, so I continued. I had to re-imagine everything, in a way, since these weren’t levels I was creating, it was a narrative without interaction, so there had to be something to fill in the gaps. I made huge changes to the original storyline in order to make it interesting for internet audiences.

After a long time trying to figure out exactly how I was going to do the first episode, I started getting heavily in to reading comics and manga. I decided that instead of just sketching storyboards for the episode of Little Big Apocalypse, I would actually create a comic version of each episode. I figured this would help with planning and it would also create an offline version of Little Big Apocalypse.

I started work on episode two of Little Big Apocalypse after spending three months drawing a manga version of the first three episodes. The animated episode itself took two months and was my most technically complicated flash. Little Big Apocalypse: Episode 2 was featured on the frontpage of Newgrounds.

The same day I released episode 2 I also released the website, It is updated each month with a new chapter of the comic. On July 29th, 2011 chapter 3 of the comic/manga was released. It was the first full-color chapter and like the other chapters was in korean webtoon format (tall pages).

I will be combining the first 6/7 chapters into a hardcover book and creating a Kickstarter after episode three is finished. The book will be around 150 pages and will actually contain the entire prologue in non-animated form.

Chapter 4 will be released sometime in August.