A Sackboy stuffed animal that emerges from a pile of rubble after the world ends. Sackboy wanders the wasteland for many years, searching for others but he seems to be the only life form left on earth. All this changes one day, when Sackboy comes across a building he’s never seen before.

The Eyes

The Eyes meet Sackboy after he wanders into their colossal complex. ‘The Eyes’ are the remnance of the computer program that inadvertently ended the world. Originally, The Eyes were a computer game injected into a player, to help fully immerse them in a digital world. Unfortunately, one day a nano-virus appears and infects “The Eyes”, killing all humans connected to the game. Humanity cannot recover from the severe loss of life and eventually the population fades away to nothing.

The Eyes tell Sackboy they are dying and need his help, they ask Sackboy to save them. Without hesitation, Sackboy agrees and the two venture down into the complex.